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Air Treatment Units

Air Treatment Units

Air treatment units – with the following components:

- dampers made with a galvanized sheet frame with reinforced fins of extruded Aluminum complete with gaskets

- fans – centrifugal double suction with forward or backward facing blades and a statically and dynamically balanced impeller

- heat recovery units – complete with calibration dampers allowing the formation of the mixing chambers or by-passes for full external air, recycling or free cooling operation modes

- air filters – with active carbon and germicidal lamps, meets the auto-extinguishing regulations and the efficiency is certified according to the up to date standards EUROVENT, AFI, ASHRAE, NBS, a.s.o.

- heat exchange coils – slide-out type operating on water or glycol mixes using direct expansion or steam

- electric coils – constructed with armored resistances with one or more stages, complete with connection board and safety thermostat

- humidification – steam, pack, nozzle or atomization type

- silencers – to assure a lower noise level, especially from fan operation

- can be installed either inside or outside the units and may be fitted both to the flow and to the aspiration side

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