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Condensing Units and Compressors

Condensing Units and Compressors

Condensing Units and Compressors:

Air cooled condensing units for commercial and industrial applications

- the fully modular cold rooms are made with polyurethane sandwich panels joined by camlocks

- projected under new concepts of saving energy and the environment

- can be operated under extreme conditions as high evaporative temperature and high ambient temperature

- with good operation under overpressure conditions 25 bar

- can be delivered with accessories as:

- liquid subcooler

- oil separator with shut-off valve

- filter and sight glass

- solenoid valve on the liquid line

- vibration damper on the suction line

- liquid separator with vibration damper and pressure relief valve

- dual pressure switch

- pressure switch for condenser fan control

- can be endowed with scroll compressors with liquid injection system very

effective as protection in case of high temperature gas on the discharge line / with

low noise fans as the fan motor has speed electronic control for the best

condensation pressure and temperature control

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