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Milk coolers

Milk coolers

Milk coolers:

- FRIGOMILK with capacity of 100 up to 32000 liters

- inner tank and outer casing made of AISI 304 stainless steel

- total primary surface Trapcold evaporator with maximum yield

- very thick insulation by means of non polluting polyurethane foam

- inner trap for emptying

- stainless steel millimetric measuring stick with conversion table in litres

- AISI stainless steel arm

- non icing cooling unit even with low filling level

- for capacities more than 1900 liters automatic washing RAMSET system computerized available

- FIPO milk controller system for management of all operations: milk temperature check, digital temperature display, stirring program, programmed start-up of the cooling system, automatic washing program, outlets for remote alarm signals and for computer

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