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Water chillers

Water chillers

Water chillers:

- EVEREST for the ice-accumulation widely applied in industries like: dairy, food, meat, fish when the use of chilled water is below the 10-12 hours per day

- consists of an insulated tank with insulated lids where it is placed a heat-exchanger that is normally made of serpentines (both the tank and the serpentines can be in galvanized steel or in stainless steel)

- the tank is filled with water and in the serpentines flows the refrigerant fluid (freon, ammonia, glycol)

- due to cooling process, within a specific time there is ice formation in form of sleeves onto the serpentines till determined thicknesses that are controlled by specific icethickness controllers

- after the ice formation, the tank is fed with continuous flow of normal water that in contact with ice is cooled down to the temperature of 1°C and than is sent to the user

- the efficiency and the fast ice melting is guaranteed by a special air agitation system, consisting of an air blower and an air distributors placed into the tank

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