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Air-cooled refrigeration units

Air-cooled refrigeration units for commercial and industrial applications

By refrigeration unit is meant a set of parts which are intended to set the agent in motion in the refrigeration circuit. The refrigeration units sold by Frigotherm Group are divided into several large groups:

Refrigeration compressors:

For low thermal load applications or small refrigeration installations, where hermetic compressors are mainly used, we offer Tecumseh, Danfoss or Maneurop compressors that cover a range of powers between 50W and 3000 W.

For higher power refrigeration systems we can offer depending on the technical solution and the wishes of the beneficiary:

– semi-hermetic piston or Bitzer screw compressors covering a power range between 2.5 kW and 80 kW

– Copeland hermetic scrool compressors produced by the Emerson group with powers between 0.8 kW and 40 kW

– semi-hermetic compressors with piston or special construction screw for Maycom ammonia installations produced by Mayecawa

Condensation groups

Condensing units are an assembly of compressor, condenser and liquid tank. As the name implies, such an aggregate converts the gas vapors resulting from the boiling of the thermal agent in the evaporator into liquid to initiate a new cooling cycle.

By analogy with refrigeration compressors, the condensing units supplied by us cover the full range of possible applications according to current technology. For low power refrigeration systems we recommend condensing units with Tecumseh, Danfoss or Maneurop piston encapsulated compressors or Emerson scroll (Copeland). For high power refrigeration systems we recommend semi-hermetic piston or Bitzer or Maycom screw compressors.

Refrigeration plants

Refrigeration plants are the most complex refrigeration units usually used in large refrigeration installations with several consumers. Refrigeration units are usually composed of two or more compressors that work together. The boilers supplied by us are usually produced in our own workshop, thus having the possibility to supply any type of refrigeration boiler.

Refrigerating units have the following characteristics:

– can be used in extreme conditions such as high vaporization temperatures and / or high ambient temperatures

– accessories such as: liquid subcooler, oil separator, protection on the gas discharge line and differential oil pressure switch, ensure high efficiency and reliability

– scroll type equipped with very efficient liquid injection system for protection at high temperatures of the gas on the discharge line

– equipped with silent fans, whose motors have electronic speed control, thus ensuring the optimal control of the condensing pressure / temperature

– designed in the light of the concepts of energy saving and reduction of emissions into the atmosphere

– robust construction and compact design

– good operation in overpressure conditions: 25 bar

The two-stage refrigeration units are intended for quick freezing of the products, the freezing time being reduced by the extremely low vaporization temperature.