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Bitzer refrigeration plants

Uncharged refrigeration units with Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors with remotely mounted condenser.

Refrigeration plants offer professional solutions for refrigeration, freezing and industrial air conditioning in food processing and marketing units.

Uncirculated refrigeration plants with Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors have been designed to have a high degree of modularity; have the advantage of space saving, low maintenance costs, low energy consumption with high adaptability for any request.

General characteristics – Uncharged refrigeration plants are equipped with:

galvanized steel support painted with epoxy powder, semi-hermetic compressors, crankcase resistance, oil equalization tank, suction isolation valves, discharge isolation valves, noise attenuator mounted in discharge and suction, filter, oil separator, electrical panel with electronic controller.

Optional – Central refrigeration:

– pressure switches for mechanical control of compressors;

– condensate control pressure switch; compressor cooling fan, one-way valve mounted in discharge;

– metal housing, compressor soundproofing;

– electronic regulator condenser fans, alarm pressure switch.