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Central air treatment plants

Air treatment plants are the main element of air conditioning systems in a building. With its help, ventilation, heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification of the air in the air conditioning system are ensured. These systems can be installed in any type of building, regardless of capacity, from residential buildings to commercial and industrial buildings. Central air handling systems can operate efficiently in any environment, regardless of high or low temperatures.

An efficient air treatment plant is one that always ensures pleasant environmental conditions, with low operating costs. And these criteria can be successfully met when the installation is customized and adapted to the specifics of the space. Therefore, the specialists from PFrigotherm Group offer personalized services in this regard, so that each space equipped with air treatment systems is truly efficient.

Air treatment plants are very versatile and represent a customized solution for optimizing air conditioning in a commercial, industrial or even residential space. Thus, the specialists from Frigotherm Group can realize and implement customized projects for any space. Each air handling unit can be adapted to meet the demands, regardless of the required air flow.

Frigotherm Group has an experience of almost 15 years in the field of installations, both in Romania and abroad. Over time, he has executed numerous installation works for civil and industrial constructions, interior or exterior sanitary installation works, thermal installations, air conditioning installations, fire protection installations and electrical installations. The team of specialists includes engineers, plumbers, welders, electricians, locksmiths very experienced and specialized in their field. Therefore, the Frigotherm Group team is always ready to satisfy the needs related to ventilation installations, electrical, thermal installations, etc. for the spaces he works on.