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Double-flow ceiling vaporizers (refrigerating capacity: 6.12 – 18.8 kW)

Blown vaporizers have been designed to be installed in rooms / cold stores and process spaces for:

– keeping fresh and freezing food products;

– applications for temperature and humidity controlled warehouses;

– compact dimensions, wide variety of refrigeration capacities;

– different distances between sheets, for different applications;

– equipped with defrost resistors, for very low temperature applications;

– the fans work in suction to avoid the formation of condensation.

Cubic double flow ceiling vaporizers – refrigerating capacity: 6.12 – 18.8 kW

– The evaporators have been designed to be installed inside the cold rooms to keep fresh and frozen products as well as if both are needed.

– the evaporators have the main characteristic of blowing air from both sides, this allows the installation of the ceiling evaporator in the middle of the cold room which will give a uniform air flow and as a result the best preserved product.

– The evaporators are available in two versions of different diameters for fans and three different types for the distance between the sheets depending on the needs of the application.

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