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The fan coil is an indirect expansion terminal unit, used to treat ambient air in a room both during the summer season (cold water battery supply) and in winter (hot water battery supply).

-> works in heating body, air conditioning unit and fan, by using water as a heating agent, both for heating and cooling.

Currently, the fan coil is growing in interest due to the special quality of the microclimate generated throughout the year, thus becoming the number one option on the market.

By incorporating the functions of heating, cooling and ventilation, the fan coil achieves the optimal thermal comfort of the environment and gives the spaces economic and aesthetic advantages.

These multifunctional equipments can be placed in residential, commercial, industrial spaces, restaurants, conference rooms, but also in individual houses, type “standard” or “villa”, in which an increased degree of comfort is desired.

The main components of a fan coil are:

-Battery with 3 rows of copper tubes and aluminum fins assembled by mechanical expansion of the pipes. The collectors at the top of the battery are equipped with deaerators while the collectors at the bottom are provided with holes for emptying. Both collectors are equipped with a connection for the supply water temperature probe.

-The air filter can be easily extracted and regenerated by simply washing with water.

-The electric motor is protected against possible overloads, it has three speeds with permanently inserted capacitor, connected directly to the fans and damped with elastic supports. The centrifugal series has centrifugal fans with double suction with long blades to obtain a high flow at low speed.

Depending on the installation method, there are several types of fan coils:

– housing fan coil with floor mounting;

– housing fan coil with wall mounting;

– housing fan coil apparently mounted on the ceiling;

– box type fan coil;

– uncoupled fan coil with false ceiling mounting;

– uncoupled fan coils;

– encased fan coil units – 2 connections;

– boxed fan coil units – 2 connections;

– encased fan coil units – 4 connections;

– boxed fan coil units – 4 connections.