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Floor anti-freeze systems

Floor-standing anti-freeze systems shall be installed on the floor of freezer cold storage rooms or frozen storage rooms in meat processing plants for the frost protection of the soil in the premises concerned.

Floor-standing anti-freeze systems consist of electrical panel, controller and heating cables.

The electrical panel is the central element of such an installation. It must provide the power required for maximum protection against frost and, at the same time, protect the heating cables in the event of an overvoltage by means of automatic fuses. The continuity of the heating cables can be checked by a simple push of a button, and this aspect is extremely important considering that the appearance of the cables can no longer be physically ascertained once concrete has been poured over them.

The electrical panel consists of temperature sensor, temperature controller (controls the operation of the entire system), automatic fuses and mini contactor. The heating cables consist of three interconnected areas: a warm area (the middle area of ​​the cable) and two cold areas (located at both ends of the cable).