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Flower cold rooms

The cold rooms are designed according to the client’s needs, in existing spaces or new constructions can be designed and executed.

The design of cold rooms is done taking into account the products to be stored, the quantity and temperature required.

– No flower company can operate without flower refrigerators. The reason is simple – everyone is trying to prolong the life cycle of flowers. The excellent exterior of the flowers allows the reduction of logistical expenses and the reduction of non-commercial goods.

– These flower refrigeration rooms are made of polyurethane panel with thicknesses varying between 60 mm and 80 mm depending on where they are.

– Flower room temperature between +4 and +8 degrees Celsius.

– The refrigeration installation must be made in accordance with the volume and storage conditions of the flowers.

– The joints of the panels are made by thermal rupture, and the corners are closed with sanitary profile, usually CO100 and plinth.

– We have the experience to install refrigeration rooms in locations located on the ground floor of the block where the noise or noise factor of the outdoor unit is an important feature.

– Temperature control is done by Dixell or Carel regulators, brands very well represented on the Romanian market. Access to parameters is fast and very easy to remember.

– Power tables contain printed schemes, safety buttons, but also protections for your investment.

– Refrigeration units can be L’unite Hermetique, Maneorop (Danffoss), Dorin, Frascold, Copeland or Bitzer.

– The evaporators can be Eco, Lu-ve or Riva Cold, brands that the supplier has in stock quite large, and the range of power coverage is very constant.