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Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers

We offer a wide range of heat exchangers for refrigeration systems with a high standard of quality and reliability. They have been carefully chosen to maintain an optimal ratio between a low cost of the initial investment and a low consumption of electricity.

Depending on the refrigerant used, the working environment and the technical solution to be adopted, we can offer you exchangers made of:

– copper,

– stainless steel,

– aluminum with expoxy coating,

– galvanized steel,

– plastic etc.

Our range of heat exchangers for refrigeration systems includes:

– forced convection vaporizers;

– static vaporizers;

– air cooled condensers;

– evaporative condensers;

– multitubular vaporizers and condensers;

– plate heat exchangers;

– cooling guns;

– coolers;

– capacitors with micro-channels;

– pipe-to-pipe heat exchangers.