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HoReCa equipment, machinery and accessories

In a gastronomic business (restaurant, canteen, catering-self-service, confectionery / pastry) it is mandatory to use professional equipment and machinery, which allow high quality services.

To meet the needs of its customers, Frigotherm Group has diversified its activity, providing consulting services and design of the entire technological flow from a professional kitchen, pastry / confectionery, self-service, pizzeria and providing the full range of equipment, machinery and accessories. required in the field of HoReCa:

Equipment and machinery for professional kitchens:

– Thermal blocks;

– Gastronomy ovens;

– Quick coolers and freezers;

– Industrial cooking equipment;

– Static preparation equipment;

– Equipment for dynamic preparation;

– Dishwashing equipment;

– Hote;

– Refrigeration equipment.

Self-service equipment and machinery:

– Warm units;

– Refrigerated units;

– Neutral units;

– Self-service buffets;

– Plate heaters;

– Distributors of bread, trays, cutlery;

– Trolleys;

Equipment and machinery for pizzerias:

– Pizza ovens;

– Pizza preparation tables;

– Pizza makers;

– Dough mixers;

– Hot showcases;

Confectionery / pastry equipment and machinery:

– Confectionery showcases;

– Neutral furniture and stainless steel accessories;

– Mixers;

– Mixers;

– Puff pastry machines;

– Rotary ovens;

– Convection ovens;

Refrigerating equipment (refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated tables) for pastry shops:

– Accessories (trays, utensils, etc.)

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