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Ice water installation

Ice-water installations are intended for the production and circulation of ice-water at a temperature of + 1 ° C. These installations are equipment that stores the cold and provides, in a closed circuit, recirculated ice water.

Ice-water installations have application in the case of installations for cooling water-milk installations, milk, valves used in cheese processing, plate pasteurizers, technological air conditioning installations and environmental comfort.

The principle of operation of water-ice installations consists in storing the cold by transforming the water from liquid into solid and ensuring the glacial water at the desired temperature by melting the ice.

The component parts of an ice-water installation are:

– vaporizer;

– ice storage tank (stainless steel);

– thermal insulation;

– outer cover and cover (stainless steel);

– cooling unit support (stainless steel);

– refrigeration unit;

– cold water recirculation pump;

– electrical panel / automation.

Ice-water installations have a number of features, including:

– water cooling to + 0.5 ° C (optional to -10 ° C);

– the existence of a constant ice surface that allows maintaining a constant temperature of glacial water until the end of the melting process;

– low energy costs due to the low tariffs practiced at night, this being the period in which the installation consumes electricity.