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Meat processing

Meat processing plants are characterized by the large number of technological spaces, spaces that require the provision of diversified specific conditions of temperature, humidity and ventilation.

In a meat processing factory, in the large processing rooms, a large number of meat processing workers carry out their activity, and a constant temperature of + 10 ° C, which does not affect the staff, is achieved with the help of special refrigeration installations. which allow a very good control of the air circulation speeds, installations supplied and installed by Frigotherm Group.

In addition to the ventilation and air freshening system in the cutting and processing rooms with which the factory will be equipped, Frigotherm Group proposes ventilation systems to ensure the evacuation of contaminated air from smoking areas, drums, washing-showers, washing dirty shuttles.

The refrigeration rooms in which the finished products are stored will be equipped with refrigeration installations equipped with special automations that will allow:

– temperature control within exact limits

– relative humidity control (dehumidification of the indoor air);

– air flow control and air circulation speed between products;

– air circulation control throughout the enclosure volume.

Lack of control of these parameters results in weight loss in the product, damage to the appearance of the product, reduction of the warranty period.

With regard to products intended for long-term storage, it is necessary to install a rapid freezing tunnel which will allow the products to be frozen in a short time, thus maintaining the appearance and moisture level of the products.

Depending on the size of the frozen storage rooms in the processing plant, floor frost systems will be installed in their insulated floors.

The monitoring system of the refrigeration installations installed by the Frigotherm Group is essential both for notifying some malfunctions of the refrigeration systems and, consequently, the intervention of the service teams in a timely manner, as well as for monitoring the observance of the imposed temperature parameters.

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