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Methods and techniques for storing potatoes

Longitudinal flow ventilation
By using the longitudinal flow ventilation together with the storage in boxes, the air is distributed to the product without any limitation. Once the air is blown down to the products, it can be blown or mixed. Relatively low energy consumption and low maintenance requirements allow you to store your products economically.


– Longitudinal flow ventilation allows you to store products economically and flexibly;

– Reduces power requirements due to lower resistance of products;

– Applicable both for storage in crates and for storage in bags;

– The cooling function can be easily integrated into the system;

– The indoor air can be easily mixed with the outdoor air;

– Air mixing units are available as a suspension or floor-mounted version with air distribution tubes.

Longitudinal flow ventilation with cooling
Air is blown over products stored in bulk or in crates. Once blown down to the products, the air can be blown or mixed (compact models).

By using both ventilation and cooling, you can keep the products for longer in the best conditions. When you just want to cool your products, compact models are ideal for you.


– The system does not depend on weather conditions;

– Simple operation by connecting to a MultiServer II command server;

– Plugs in and works (“plug and play”);

– Low temperature while maintaining high air humidity;

– Wide range of models suitable for any situation;

– Mechanical cooling has positive effects on varieties that germinate easily, even after a long storage period.

Pressure chamber
By closing the crates at the end of the line, the air is forced to the products, which means that drying and cooling are more efficient, even in the middle of the crate.

As the products are stored separately, you can control the storage conditions in small batches, depending on the degree of drying, cooling or heating.


– allows separate storage of products;

– consists of watertight sections, allowing selective operation;

– ensures fast drying and cooling, even in the middle of the box;

– it is easy to combine, with both hot and cold air;

– fast drying and selective operation result in low energy consumption;

– this storage system is available in both fixed and mobile versions.

Suction ventilation
When low pressure is created between two rows of crates, air will flow from the side along the crate and the product.

The system allows a very wide intake area and ensures adequate air distribution, regardless of the product. By simply operating the hatches, you can operate the warehouse in a very efficient manner.


– Separate storage of products;

– Large intake surface means low air resistance, leading to low energy consumption;

– The air travels a short distance through the product, resulting in fast and efficient ventilation;

– Quick drying and cooling even in the middle of the box;

– The air is perfectly distributed, without localized drying at certain points;

– The filling of the warehouse is flexible, being able to be done both in height and in length