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Milk cooling tanks with a capacity of 50 – 2000 liters

Milk cooling tanks with a capacity of 50 – 2000 liters:

– round basin with folding lid for washing and graduated ruler for measuring the amount of milk introduced at a given time.

– interior / exterior realization: food AISI 304 stainless steel.

– evaporator mounted at the bottom of the pool.

– hermetic refrigeration system operating on R 404 A.

The coolers are made of steel + stainless steel and achieve rapid cooling, which helps prevent the development of microorganisms, which ensures better milk quality. The coolers have a mixing motor, which with the help of the mixing device inside ensures a homogenization of the milk during cooling, a phase that is interrupted once the lid is opened. The construction of the evaporator plates prevents the milk from freezing even when it is in small quantities.

The condensing unit is able to cool milk from + 35ºC to + 4ºC in less than 3 hours, at an ambient temperature of + 32ºC.