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Milk processing

Regardless of capacity, milk processing plants must be so designed as to comply with the general principles on milk and milk storage facilities.

Frigotherm Group designs and sizes the milk processing plant, facilities and equipment required according to:

– the types of products to be processed;

– the production capacity to be achieved on each type of product;

– the types of equipment that will process the raw material;

– manufacturing technologies by product types (groups of raw materials, auxiliary materials, product completion times, etc.)

– necessary storage capacity of raw materials and finished products.

Each technological and storage space in the milk processing factory will be equipped with refrigeration installations and ventilation and air freshening systems in order to ensure an optimal microclimate (temperature, humidity, ventilation) for both products and working personnel. . For example, the most common problem in dairies that are not equipped with a stale air and moisture exhaust system and fresh air supply is the appearance of mold on the walls and ceilings of the factory.

Refrigeration and freezing facilities must be provided with air cooling systems strong enough to maintain the temperature in the product according to the technical prescriptions of the raw materials and finished products (for example, whipped milk is stored at + 2ºC … + 8ºC; it is stored at + 4ºC … + 8ºC, and the optimal qualitative characteristics of the product are obtained only after 10-12 hours of maintenance at the storage temperature, not being indicated, for full maturation, delivery before the expiration of this term).

In addition to the technological and storage facilities for raw and auxiliary materials, a milk processing plant will have storage facilities for:

– semi-finished products (conditioning-thermostating chambers; maturation-hot chambers (20-26ºC); maturation-cold chambers (10-14ºC); cooling chambers)

– finished products (freezing chambers; refrigeration chambers).

Frigotherm Group can also supply ice-water facilities for pasteurizing milk before processing.