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Refrigeration installations

Monobloc refrigeration systems

This range of equipment includes compact refrigeration installations, with very good performances, being able to operate both at normal temperature and at low temperature. The components with which they are made are of the best quality, and the construction method of the installations allows easy operation and maintenance.

– for small and medium refrigerated rooms

– easy installation

– can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling of the cold room

– they also have a split version – Uniblock

– they also have a silent version

Split cooling units

This range of equipment includes motor condensing units, connected to the remote evaporator. The entire system is dimensioned to maximize the thermodynamic performance of the system. This technical solution allows the equipment to be away from the low temperature environment, while also solving problems related to noise, heat release, vibration and usable space. The sizing of the system is made according to the clients’ exigencies.

Refrigeration plants for various applications

These equipments have been made to combine a great cooling power, in the conditions of maintaining the energy consumption in the lowest possible limits. The use of these refrigeration plants ensures a great flexibility in the design and realization of the refrigerated warehouses.

Air treatment units

This equipment is intended for food processing units, and other spaces where air quality control and a predetermined temperature and humidity are required, guaranteeing a healthy environment, which prevents the modification of the organoleptic aspects of food.