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ROOF TOP type air conditioning system with simple panels

ROOF TOP type air conditioning system with simple panels, scroll compressors and plug-fan fans.

– Technical characteristics – R410A, air treatment section, intake air section, condensing section, heating section with electric / hot water resistors.

– Constructive variants: Reversible heat pump;

– Heat pump with 2 Free Cooling blinds;

– Heat pump with 3 Free Cooling blinds.

RT-A / WP 182 – 453

Refrigeration capacity 65 – 171 kW.

Factory mounted accessories:

– Magneto-thermal fuses

– Compressor soundproofing

– Condensation control up to 0ºC

– Condensation control up to -20ºC

– Flat filter with F6 efficiency; F7; F8

– Refrigerator valves

– Water heating faucet on 2 rows and with 3-way valve

– Heating coil with electric heating elements.

– Enthalpy control (var. Eco)

– Exterior air suction blind (var. Heat pumps)

– Automatic flow control device

– Air quality probe

– Differential pressure switch for filter control

– Contacts without potential.

Accessories delivered separately:

– High / low pressure manometers

– Protection of blinds

– Remote control panel

– RS 485 serial interface

– Battery protection grilles

– Anti-vibration rubber supports.

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