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Storage of apples in a controlled atmosphere

Apple storage

The apples are kept in refrigerated warehouses with normal or controlled atmosphere, as well as in warehouses with natural ventilation.

The apples are stored as soon as possible after harvest and are kept in batches of the same variety.

Apples are stored in crates that are stacked on 8-9 levels, up to a height of 5-7 m, the space between the ceiling and the last crate being 80 cm. There are also spaces of about 20-30 cm between the walls and the rows of stacks so that air can circulate.

Filling a cell should not take more than 2 weeks, during which time ventilation is provided.

Storage temperature depends on the variety. Thus, Golden and Red delicious apples are stored at temperatures between 0 and + 1 ° C. Ionathan and Ioared apples, which are more sensitive to cold, are stored at temperatures between +3 and + 4 ° C. The relative humidity of the air is 90-95%.

In refrigerated warehouses with controlled atmosphere (2-3% O2 ​​and 1-3% CO2) storage temperatures will be higher by 0.5-1 ° C, depending on the variety.

Shelf life also differs depending on the variety, apples from the Golden and Red delicious groups can be stored for 5-6 months in cold storage with a normal atmosphere and 7-8 months in cold storage with a controlled atmosphere.